The Sugarkube is a Private Membership Artistry Collective

“Where the seasoned expert and the enthusiastic amateur together can nurture ideals that will transform future experiences” 


We are a referral based  organization. We grow our membership from within, through quality referrals and hold members to a strict guidelines for management of their actions and behaviors within the community and SK Event Space. Memberships, behavior, payment history and criminal record are also being tracked within our custom built proprietary membership management system.


All new membership’s must have a sponsor approve their request. A sponsor can be any senior member in good standing  with an active account.


Our members event space is truly a listening room, where one can listen with great clarity and coherence. Tuned through decades of experience in building studios. We augment this listening experience by providing the highest quality equipment available all within a fully network-integrated audio and visual lighting design with ModTruss as our backbone in core stage, rigging and load safety.


Ø Non-members not allowed         

  How Sponsorship for membership works?

Each member has a unique link and QR code found under their “Refer a Friend” menu at the top of the section. Simple have your friend scan the QR code and fill out the webform document automatically linking their account to member.